Working at Boronia Capital

The work

Boronia Capital is at the cutting edge of the funds management industry and is considered a leader in a very sophisticated space. Our work is research focused and highly complex, with the challenge of continually improving and growing the returns of our investors. Boronia Capital seeks to use technology and infrastructure to provide competitive advantage in order to provide optimum returns to Investors. Working at this level is very challenging but has the potential for immense personal satisfaction and accelerated career development.

The culture

Boronia Capital strives to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation and mutual respect. We strive to hire bright and talented individuals who are capable of thriving in a committed team environment in order that high quality outcomes are delivered.

A degree of integrity and respect are qualities that are also important to Boronia Capital’s culture. These qualities extend to our relationships with our clients, our staff and service providers. We seek to foster positive and constructive relationships both internally and externally.

Career development

At Boronia Capital we believe we are custodians of people’s careers. When employees join Boronia Capital they are actively managed so that they are challenged and satisfied in their careers. This is achieved through regular communication between staff and managers and through a structured review process which formalises career planning and development.


While Boronia Capital is a task driven and goal oriented organisation a high degree of importance is placed on staff maintaining a sensible work–life balance. We have core office working hours but we are able to accommodate sensible variations around those hours to accommodate the requirements of staff who have a need for some flexibility due to commuting or family commitments.


Our location in cosmopolitan Crows Nest, on Sydney’s lower north shore, offers a fun work setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. With a casual dress code and a relaxed vibrant office space the focus is enabling employees to achieve their objectives whilst enjoying the work environment.


At Boronia Capital we value education very highly. The firm is built on the quality of our research and to that end our Research and Development teams consist of members with PhD qualifications in physics, mathematics and other hard sciences.

We believe the education process doesn’t stop when you walk through the doors. Boronia Capital actively encourages further studies, especially in areas relevant to the business. We pay for external courses that are directly related to an employees work and will meet 50% of the cost of any further University education.


Boronia Capital has instigated a number of charitable initiatives within the firm. We use the Good to Give program to make donating to staff’s favourite charities easy (no more paperwork) and Boronia Capital match any donations dollar for dollar that staff make.  We also have charity events that raise money for worthwhile causes both locally and internationally.

Career opportunities

Boronia Capital looks to hire high calibre staff into both its Research Team and Systems Development Team, and we are generally interested in hearing from people who believe they have the skills and backgrounds suitable for these teams. If you believe you have the required skill set and are looking for a challenging environment in which to work we would love to hear from you. Just click the link below to contact us.